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The use of the website and the website constitutes acceptance of the following terms of use. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the and websites. Evolio and reserve the right to amend the terms at any time, and all amendments will be effective immediately after the upload of the revised terms to the and websites.

Use of the and websites and their portals

The information provided on the and websites may contain inaccuracies and errors, and it may be updated at any time without prior notice. Evolio and do not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of this information and disclaim all responsibility for the errors or omissions it contains. Evolio and will under no circumstances be held liable for damages incurred after accessing and using the and websites and the information they contain.

Furthermore, the and websites and the information they contain are provided as is and are not subject to any implicit or explicit guarantee. Evolio and disclaim all responsibility and offer no guarantees as to the conformity with specific requirements or the reliability and accuracy of the information contained on the or websites. The administrators, managers and employees of the and websites will under no circumstances be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused by erroneous or inaccurate information contained on the and websites. If an error or an inaccuracy is discovered, Evolio and undertake to correct it as soon as possible.

You may not post, upload, publish, reproduce, forward or distribute the information or any other materials, or their related works, contained on the and websites that are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights without the written authorization of the holder of the right in question. You may, however, download a copy of the information to a single computer for personal and non-commercial use only, as long as the copyrights and other property rights mentioned herein are included with said copy.

When accessing the and websites, you may not:

  1. post, upload, publish, reproduce, forward or distribute in any way the information or any other materials:
    1. constituting or encouraging conduct that could be considered a criminal offence or that may incur civil lawsuits;
    2. that are protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right or that come from derived material protected by these rights, without the authorization of the copyright or property right holder;
  2. nor use the and websites in any way contrary to the law, namely to post or distribute any information or program containing a virus, firewall, Trojan horse, worm or any other damaging or disruptive material. You may not upload, distribute or publicize in any way through the and websites material or information of a slanderous, obscene, pornographic or offensive nature or that breaks a law in any way or violates any other person or entity's rights or that contains publicity or an offer of funds, products or services.

You hereby grant Evolio and the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicize and sublicense any material or information you have presented on the and websites or to incorporate it into other documents no matter the type, medium or technology. This authorization and this right are granted on an international level and are perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and exempt from royalties.

Evolio and reserve the right to forbid the massive distribution of text messages or e-mails if they are unsolicited or cause discontent among the recipients.

Copyright and trademarks

The and websites as well as the content published on the and websites are protected by copyright, trademarks and other laws governing intellectual property rights or rights of ownership, and are either the property of, or under the direction of, Evolio and, their subsidiaries or their affiliated or licensed companies. No material contained on the and websites may be deemed the recipient, even implicitly, of an authorization or right to use a trademark, logo or other name, particularly those identifying Evolio and, their subsidiaries and their affiliated companies or their respective products and services contained on the and websites, without the written authorization of Evolio, or the third party holding the trademark, logo or other name in question.


Evolio and in no way guarantee confidentiality to the users of the and websites. It is thus recommended that this service not be used to forward confidential information: such usage is strictly at the user's risk and Evolio,, their subsidiaries and affiliated companies can under no circumstances be held responsible.

Confidential information

Evolio and recognize how important the protection of your privacy is. They have facilitated access to certain pages of their websites so that you may refer to and online without having to disclose personal information.

However, in some cases, Evolio and will ask for personal information, for example when registering to the mailing list. They are determined to ensure this information remains confidential and is protected at all times. Your name, e-mail address, home address, phone numbers (home or cell phone) and any other information will not be sold or revealed to advertisers, merchants or any other person or commercial concern.

Evolio and gather information on the origin of visitors, such as their domain name. However, this data is deleted once it has been analyzed for statistical purposes. Information on demographics and user habits collected during your visits are used anonymously and are completely divested of personal information before they are used in reports intended for the management team or commercial partners.

Use of cookies

Cookies are very small files that are deposited onto your hard drive from certain pages of the and websites. They are harmless, as they cannot extract data from your hard drive. They are used solely to personalize your future use of the and websites and do not put your personal information at Evolio's or's disposal. You can delete them at any time by modifying the settings on your computer. However, the and websites require them to function properly.


In case of dissatisfaction related to the and websites or the terms of use, rules, policies, instructions or practices of Evolio or related to the use of the and websites, your only recourse is to stop using the and websites.


You undertake to indemnify Evolio,, their subsidiaries and their affiliated companies against all liability, fees, expenses and reasonable lawyer fees related to the violation of the terms herein by yourself or the users of your account, to the use of the and websites or the publication or forwarding of information or materials on the and websites by yourself or by the users of your account.


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Other conditions

The terms herein, including all documents that they refer to, constitute the full agreement between Evolio, and yourself as to the purpose of these terms. The fact that Evolio and do not ask for nor obtain the strict fulfillment of a condition of the terms herein can not be interpreted as the relinquishment on their part of this condition or other right. The fact that one of the conditions of the terms herein is declared void, invalid or not enforceable by law by a competent court of jurisdiction in no way affects the other terms of this legal disclaimer. This legal disclaimer is governed by the laws of the province of Québec and by the federal laws of Canada enforceable in this province, and it must be interpreted in light of these laws.